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meister video technology, the Fusion features a stylish new control layout with 16 faders and 8 channels, plus a synchronized transport control for perfect syncing between audio and video. It is the perfect audio mixing solution for DJs, remixers, and producers. The Fusion is a combination of traditional DJ mixing consoles, digital audio mixing consoles, and video mixing consoles. Its faders are fully-adjustable volume controls and channels are fully-adjustable audio and video routing controls, plus a transport control for syncing audio and video seamlessly. Users can also save and recall favorite patch libraries, and use the multi-device audio input controls to create professional quality audio mixes from multiple sources. For live performance, the audio and video can be synced to the control surface via the transport control, making it a perfect tool for performing live DJ sets. .meister’s proprietary video mixing technology provides smooth video transitions between source clips and seamlessly blends them with live video of the set, allowing users to engage the crowd with professional-quality audio and video. .meister Fusion videos can be stored, synced, played back and recalled as real-time recordings from the DJ software, or saved for later playback. The Fusion features the new “Diamond” color scheme: a black, red, white, black top section and a clear top section. The central section of the console has been updated with a new glossy bezel and a silver accent band. Product features The .meister Fusion is built on the same standard and innovative technology as all previous .meister hardware products. It is controlled by the .meister desktop software (MES), which has been upgraded to version 2.4. The Fusion features a hardware-based video mixer ( .meister Video) with 16 faders. It also features eight fully adjustable audio and video input channels for the various sources of video and audio, including a video input and two standard analog inputs, plus four inputs for high-quality audio or computer input sources. The front panel has been redesigned with a new clean look and a red power button, while the back panel has been redesigned with a sleek and flat look. The .meister Fusion can playback video and audio from any of the following sources: a video camera (HD), a video camera with the .meister Video software installed, a USB storage device, a computer video camera card, a computer video camera, a webcam




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Mixmeister Fusion Video Crack Pro damalav

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